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As a WordPress agency we interweave profound experience with your requirements to realize a successful project together. Our track record is your top contact when it comes to WordPress.

Web Relaunch

Expogate Munich-Dornach is the administrator of the Business Park in Munich-Aschheim and the Munich Trade Fair Center, which are used by world-renowned companies.

The old website was based on WordPress, but it was outdated and no longer expandable. Therefore, the client decided to relaunch the website with WordPress and Divi.


The new page is significantly faster and is therefore better displayed in search engine results, thus saving advertising costs. Best success by means of AI-driven content strategy.

In addition, a new webapp enables users in the immediate vicinity to quickly find and directly contact important service providers near Expogate Munich-Dornach.


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Good screen design meets emotions and takes into account the wishes of users. A user-friendly arrangement of the website content simplifies the operation for the user and allows him to interact more successfully.
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Full Stack Dev

You have challenging requirements or ideas and want to achieve clearly defined goals? We plan, design & realize your project from start to finish. Benefit from our many years of experience and sound concepts with various industry role models.
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SEO & Content

The context not only provides users with information about your company and services, but also adds value to be retained in the longer term. We answer your customers‘ questions and transform visitors into customers.
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Web Analytics

Our analysis helps you to develop a successful strategy and put it into practice. Together with us, you will develop a concept that will help you achieve your goals. Let us work together on your success to scale vital. Benefit from knowledge from the enterprise sector.



Customer reviews


David Chang, CEO – DBI Analytics GmbH

CHOOOMEDIA has always brought good ideas and designs to the development of ABIS Analytics Cloud Software. We thank the team at CHOOOMEDIA for their outstanding work on the design and frontend. We are looking forward to further cooperation with the agency.


A. Lenhardt, Product Owner, Cuciniale GmbH

Super fast consulting and implementation of the homepage. Great cooperation in the team! We would work with him again at any time!


M. Anzille, CEO – Pirates World GmbH

Mega good service. Top again and again with pleasure. CHOOOMEDIA has been supporting some of our customers‘ projects for several years and we look forward to further cooperation.


C. Bauer, CEO – Qiblanco UG

CHOOOMEDIA always convinces with above-average know-how regarding conversion, SEO, pagespeed and homepage construction in general. The awareness of applicable law is pronounced. The implementation takes place within the given framework. The structure of the work is good. The independence is always present. The self-motivation is very high.


S. Fritz, CEO -Fritz Gartenbau

Intelligent , combined with creative and hardworking, innovative, dynamic and enthusiastic for any hurdle … very much to empfehlen👍🏻


C. Schuster, CEO – Tankstop6 UG

Very good service . Competent and fast wordpress delivery. CHOOOMEDIA is the right contact for wordpress projects.


Developed with heart and mind, we are proud to present you our latest projects.
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Social Cooks

Proven WordPress DIVI stack with unique visual specialties and Hubspot connectivity



2-week implementation period – landing page based on Shopware 5 with Bootstrap 5



Founder & Creative Coder

Experienced, professional service provider with versatile skills and creative approach. Let me support you in the realization of your projects and become part of great project successes.
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