Thanks to the generosity of the startup. I had the opportunity to visit the world's largest developer fair in Berlin for the first time this year.

The best-known & most successful companies from the worldwide IT sector were represented here. Many have current topics such as AI and UX optimization. Even a small white robot was on the lower floors, with which some people tried to communicate.

SAP zu der ISO 9241-11 (Usability)

The main stage was full, the whispering stopped when Martin Wezowski started his energetic lecture. It is becoming increasingly important to immerse the user in the topic of technology;

  • 1. Say it – Sag es
  • 2. Make us see – Lass es Uns sehen
  • 3. Make us feel – Gib uns das Gefühl
  • 4. Love complexity – Liebe Komplexität
  • 5. Love diversity – Vielfalt leben
  • 6. Completion – Fertigstellung
  • 7. Love change – Liebeswechsel
  • 8. Make decisions – Entscheidungen treffen

UX & Artificial Intelligence

Especially the topics User Experience and AI are becoming more and more relevant. Generally speaking, I find the fair a bit bland. However, a few German companies are more and more experienced when it comes to proper tech stacks. It will be interesting to see what, for example, Germany's largest technology retailer will reveal online in the next few years. Every day I use the very practical give-away. Until the next WAD :-)


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