Micro-Services for easier onboarding of Junior Devs

Thanks to the very interesting presentation of Johann-Peter Hartmann, CTO of Mayflower, were all caught in the slightly steamy room in the Alte Konferenzhalle, Munich. Nowadays it is more than important to get the young developers with less code for interesting projects.

Too much code means fast off-work in the head

He mentions that it is now important to familiarize new developers with JS frameworks like VUE.js. Thanks to flat file trees, which include Model View and Controller (MVC Frameworks), developing in projects is simply more fun for a longer time.

Fun is the most important thing, even if you have already made millions with your companies.

Normally I am not a person who approaches strangers openly. However, I found the presentation by Lars Jankowsky, CTO & Founder of Swoodoo.com and OXID eSales very open-hearted. Recently I had to realize bitterly that one should separate private from professional life. Lars is now a milestone in IT & media and started his speech with his life story. He already donated several times high amounts to sustainable projects, because he needs a low amount on his account to not "get fat". Meanwhile his incentive is a role model for good services of my company.

Many thanks Lars, for your time and the network you have conditionally revealed to me.

I found the Daho.am 2019 a bit more clearly arranged and informative than the WAD2019 in Berlin. Thanks a lot MediaLab for sponsoring me the ticket 🙂


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